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Company Profile

Company Profile

Junren Group was established in July 2013, relying on long-term business cooperation relationships with Europe, Indonesia, Africa and other countries, to provide domestic shortage of nickel ore, nickel-iron alloy, ferrochrome, fluorite and other stainless steel raw materials. So far, the company has developed into a full-industry chain service provider involving stainless steel raw material trading, overseas nickel industry investment, logistics, smelting and so on.

The domestic subject isJiangsu Junren Mineral Co., Ltd.; overseas subsidiaries include Junren Hong Kong International Trade Co., Ltd., Junren Singapore Joint Venture, and Junren Zambia Investment Company.

The company adheres to the development strategy of “internationalization, specialization, and resource diversification”. On the basis of stabilizing the mineral trading business, following the country's "One Belt One Road" policy, relying on foreign high-quality mining resources and the huge domestic market, using domestic smelting technology and management level, boldly explore overseas factories and supporting services.

The company is people-oriented, committed to creating a reasonable mechanism, proactively discovering, training and gathering outstanding talents at home and abroad, combining industry development trends and the company’s own resource channels, distribution network, logistics and other comprehensive advantages, optimizing company strategy, and integrating company business It extends to laterite nickel mine-nickel smelting and overseas mine mergers and acquisitions and other industries. For more than ten years, the company has continued to improve, and its annual sales have reached RMB 5 billion. In the future, the company will also carry forward the past, dare to be the first, face difficulties, and create brilliance with colleagues from all walks of life.