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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Junren introduces talents with an inclusive and open culture, so that talents with ideals and aspirations can create value, reflect value, and contribute value on Junren’s stage. Teams at all levels have created Junren’s splendid today and will continue Create a more brilliant tomorrow.

  • Talent Concept

    Talent Concept

    Junren adheres to the people-oriented principle and firmly believes that talents are the fundamental driving force of the company's development. The company's sound career development channel provides employees with multiple career opportunities, respects each employee's career choice, and strives to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources and enhance employees to the company The sense of responsibility and belonging to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees.

  • Talent mechanism

    Talent mechanism

    The company builds a talent development management system for talent identification, development, and retention. Employees can choose dual channels of management or professional career development based on company strategy, professional expertise or career interests to improve their work skills and achieve career growth.
    Selection mechanism:
    According to the principles of "both ability and political integrity, morality first", "people make the best use of their talents, and people suitable for their posts", a talent introduction system combining internal and external recruitment is formed to attract various types of talents at home and abroad suitable for enterprise development.
    Education mechanism:
    The company follows the principle of "simultaneous training of internal and external training" to carry out employee training to continuously improve employee value. Implement grading training for employees, give full play to the guiding force, motivation, and cohesion of the corporate culture, advocate the concept of lifelong learning, create a learning organization, continuously improve the quality of employees, and give full play to their potential. Focus on cultivating employees with good character, loyalty to the company, strong sense of responsibility, innovative ideas, excellent performance, strong enterprising spirit, dedication and team spirit.
    Employment mechanism:
    We use innovation and performance to reflect our value, strive to make every employee respect and recognize the company, and strive to create a fair, just and open employment mechanism, and create an equal, competitive, and merit-based employment environment. Provide a space for continuous promotion and a stage for outstanding college students and outstanding employees to display their talents.
    Retention mechanism:
    Through corporate culture guidance, internal selection and training, life care and assistance, personal career development, etc., create a good work environment such as employee capacity improvement, relaxed atmosphere and trust, fair and fair rewards and punishments. Retain and develop talents with competitive salary and benefits, working conditions, training and development opportunities, career development channels, a good cultural atmosphere, and long-term incentives.